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Bioclimatic Air Systems uniquely offers air cleaning and purification solutions with the broadest range of technologies and products to meet virtually any IAQ or critical environmental requirement.    Bioclimatic’s air cleaning and engineering expertise and our extensive manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce systems to meet your air cleaning needs. Health Care Applications Poor air quality that impacts the health, safety, and comfort of patients and staff can be difficult and expensive challenges for hospitals and medical centers. From ORs and labs to clinics and public spaces within the building, or for purification of ventilation air to treat outdoor air pollution and truck/helicopter emissions, these challenges require varied and effective solutions.  Bioclimatic’s full range of products can help you reduce hospital acquired infections, improve patient and staff satisfaction, and do so cost effectively. [Right: Air Cleaning Unit for an in vitro fertilization clinic with chemical media, HEPA filtration and environmental controls.  The unit is designed to achieve optimum IAQ, humidity, and temperature] Airports Airports can suffer from multiple sources of pollutants – generated internally by people and restaurants and externally from the infiltration of diesel and jet engine exhaust – if there is a cause for poor air quality it is likely to be found at an airport.  Offering a broad range of problem-specific solutions to serve large terminals or address localized spot problems, Bioclimatic is a leading designer and manufacturer of air cleaning solutions to combat airborne pathogens, odors, and harmful chemicals commonly found in the airport environment. Kitchen Exhaust Systems Safe and effective management of kitchen exhaust air is a critical function for all commercial and institutional kitchens, and a code requirement in most jurisdictions.   Bioclimatic’s use of short wavelength ultraviolet light causes grease mist to readily oxidize into an easily filterable solid.  This approach to treating kitchen exhaust air saves on energy and service costs for much improved total cost of ownership as compared to traditional solutions.  Bioclimatic’s KE products are a simpler, true alternative to conventional designs. [Right:  A roof top KE system for a major hospital with VUV and Biotronic Filters] Museums and Archives Museums and archival storage areas present special air cleaning challenges.  Many of the irreplaceable items they house are vulnerable to degradation over time from polluted or contaminated air.  Bioclimatic can provide air cleaning systems specifically designed to maintain the proper environment necessary to preserve invaluable artwork, film, books, and documents. Industrial HVAC Systems Industrial applications are among the most challenging in the air cleaning industry.  Manufacturers and many service industries use a host of processes, materials, and solvents that generate a broad range of by-products, gases, and particles.  These contaminants range from offensive odors to dangerous contaminants, toxins, and corrosive agents that present health/safety and equipment reliability concerns for the owner.  Bioclimatic offers a broad range of particulate and gas phase removal systems that economically mitigate these problems and safeguard the welfare of employees, customers, and equipment. [Right: Explosion Proof Industrial Scrubber with DX Cooling, chemical media and filtration] Safe Havens Uncontrolled release of concentrated toxic Industrial gases can present an urgent, possibly even deadly threat.  It takes special skills and knowledge to design a system to manage these threats and protect the lives and well-being of the occupants of nearby occupied buildings.  Bioclimatic will work with the engineers responsible for safe haven designs to assure the correct system is in place and to implement on-going service plans to handle such emergencies.  [Right: Pressurization Unit with chemical media and filtration] Educational Facilities Schools and universities frequently struggle to provide proper indoor air quality with severely constrained operating budgets.  In many cases, improving the quality of air in the schools has the direct benefit of reducing absenteeism and increasing academic performance.  Bioclimatic has a long history of helping improve indoor air quality of educational facilities while minimizing the energy and maintenance costs. Arenas, Convention Centers and Public Spaces Any place where people congregate or pass through can benefit from air cleaning technology.  Bioeffluents, VOCs, and pathogens present significant health risks and poor IAQ can undermine the attendee’s experience.  Bioclimatic has produced hundreds of systems that facility operators use to improve indoor air quality, comfort, and the occupants’ experience while minimizing energy and operating costs. [Right: A sports arena with Bioclimatic Air Cleaning] Office Buildings Commercial spaces present many of the same challenges as schools, public spaces, and airports. Unpleasant or unhealthy bioeffluents, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs that are ever-present in the air must be managed cost-effectively and successfully.  For nearly forty years, Bioclimatic has been producing air cleaning systems for commercial spaces.  We offer many different types of systems to economically deliver the air purification necessary for more, higher quality of air in your business facilities. Tenant Fit-Out Tenant fit-out applications are very common in urban areas and quite often present extremely tough air quality issues.  These challenges can be almost anything – from removing the by-products of a manufacturing process in a neighboring factory or restaurant to solving kitchen odor problems within.  Interior fit-out applications are typically separate from the main building HVAC system and require a self-contained unit suited specifically to handle the demand for better air quality.  With our proven technology and broad range of solutions, Bioclimatic has helped hundreds of customers meet this special need.  [Right: MC880, self-contained unit that is ideal for stand-alone fit-out applications.  This unit is designed for air cleaning and kitchen odor control.  Configurations are available for most odor control, comfort, and germicidal applications.] Casinos and Smoking Spaces Casinos and any facilities that allow smoking on the premises are very demanding air cleaning environments.  You have all of the complexities of managing air quality in a public space with the added challenge of cleaning and containing environmental tobacco smoke and odors.  In most cases achieving and maintaining high levels of air quality is essential to customer satisfaction and profitability, as well as necessary to meet local building codes.  Bioclimatic has designed and produced many air cleaning systems installed to control the particulate and gaseous pollutants of tobacco smoke.  We excel at helping our clients successfully and economically meet this demanding challenge, and enabling them to improve their customers experience and increase their profitability.  Locker Rooms Odor control, and locker room odor control in particular, is one of the most persistent air purification problems to remediate.  Unpleasant odors are the result of peoples’ perception (noticeable in parts per billion) concentrations, requiring mitigation of the perspiration and “dirty sock” smells.  The containment of these odors to prevent the spread of this problem further complicates the HAVC system designer’s task.  From school and gym locker rooms to stadium locker rooms for professional athletes Bioclimatic’s proven technology, proprietary methods and know how, and extensive experience have made us a leader in providing solutions to satisfactorily and economically address odor problems. Indoor Pools High concentrations of chloramines and other disinfectant byproducts along with high humidity make indoor pools a tough place to condition.  Natatorium designers have to balance health, comfort, and corrosion concerns with the costs of HVAC equipment and operation.  Bioclimatic has more than twenty years of experience developing solutions for application.  When the removal of chloramines by ventilation is costly, we can supplement or integrate odor removal into packaged pool dehumidifiers or provide stand-alone units to help divide and conquer these multiple challenges. Waste Water Treatment Plants Water treatment plants emit substantial odorous pollutants that can find their way into nearby offices or other commercial buildings.  Gas phase media (or chemical media filtration) ensures continuous removal of odorous or corrosive contaminants in waste water treatment plant environments.  By protecting occupants and equipment from harmful gases, this method of air purification enhances comfort, safety, and production, and protects important equipment from costly premature failure.  Bioclimatic’s diverse offering of specific gas phase media and delivery systems will provide the best custom fit approach to remove specific contaminants, including hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, before they enter an occupied zone, to achieve effective and economical air cleaning.  [Right:  Vertical Units for a Waste Water Treatment facility in our factory]