Powered Filtration

The capture of dust, dander, smoke particles, even bacteria is essential for good indoor air

quality.  Most air filters only take out larger particles.  The EPA is especially concerned about

particles that are 10 micrometers in diameter or smaller which “can get deep into your lungs,

and some may even get into your bloodstream.”    More than 95% of the particles in the air

are less than 5 microns in size, and these are not captured by standard filters used in most

HVAC systems.

Bioclimatic Air Systems
U.S. commercial buildings often use filters with at best a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 7, low efficiency for removing the small particles.  European guidelines for standard of care suggest MERV 13 efficiency filtration to provide moderate IAQ for occupied indoor spaces, recognizing the need to effectively remove more particulates, and consistent with the EPA’s recommendations.  Using filters with at least a MERV 11 rating simply represents good building practice. 

The US Green Building Council requires MERV 13 for post-construction

building operation under its LEED® program.

However, simply increasing the filter MERV rating of conventional filters can drive up the material costs and impose a high energy penalty due to increased resistance to airflow.  There is, however, an effective solution for you to avoid these higher costs while improving your building performance.

The Solution 

Bioclimatic Biotronic® Filter technology is the solution.  Biotronic® Filter will provide substantial benefits to your project Clean ultrafine particles Save up to 50% or more in energy costs by reducing fan horsepower and the amount of outside are required for IAQ Reduce maintenance cost by extending the life of your filters, simplifying maintenance, and reducing supply inventory The Biotronic filter by Bioclimatic draws only 3.0 watts per panel to electrically enhance the filtration media for up to MERV 15 efficiency, effectively capturing particles down to 0.3 to microns in size.  This includes bacteria, fine dust, smoke particles, even some viruses; many times as effective as common, conventional low to medium efficiency filters.  Better IAQ for your building occupants. The filter consists of glass fiber media that is charged by integrated graphite strips.  The electrically enhanced static charge causes airborne particles to be captured around the entire circumference of the individual fibers, enabling a much higher dust holding capacity, in turn reducing the need for more frequent and costly filter changes One key lower-cost benefit is that this enhanced performance design also results in air pressure drops, independently tested, that are equivalent to the APD with much lower efficiency MERV rated filters.  The 2” MERV 15 V-bank Biotronic has an initial resistance of just 0.24” w.g. at 500 fpm.  Result: You get better air cleaning without driving up fan horsepower and the associated energy costs Flexible in its application, the Biotronic filter is available in 1” and 2” depths, standard and custom sizes, and in flat or V-bank configurations.  Easily integrated into your system designs or retrofit to solve your existing problems.  ETL listed (UL 867). 

Low Cost, Simple Service 

Easily serviced, only the internal fiber pads need to be replaced and come sized to drop in place. The pads are significantly less costly than alternative conventional passive pleated filters.  The filter frame simply snaps open for a quick change of the media.  Less maintenance time and reduced materials cost means savings for your budget.


Biotronic filters are available to fit almost any air cleaning application – from large air handlers to small VRF units Bioclimatic can supply the filter you need to improve air quality and save on investment expenses and operating costs.
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